(CNN)It might be too early to have a good time the United States Women’s National Team’s win over Sweden in their relatively expected grudge fit in the World Cup on Thursday.
Despite the group’s victory, one dark cloud looms: What precisely happened to the United States’s celebrity striker, Alex Morgan?

Morgan was subbed out midway thru sport after she suffered a hard foul and took a minute to get to her ft.

The player seemed to have some problem improving from the knock, although she completed out the first half of. At the begin of the second 1/2, Carli Lloyd replaced her on the field.
Morgan has no longer but addressed the damage publicly, and Coach Jill Ellis has most effective said that substituting her star striker was a be counted of being “smart approximate matters.”
It’s uncertain if the damage is associated with Morgan’s knee surgical procedure after the World Cup in 2015.
According to a 2015 USWNT press launch, the participant had “arthroscopic surgical treatment on her right knee… To remove a plica, that’s a small fold inside the lining of the knee joint, that changed into inflicting her irritation.”
Although Morgan performed in all seven games for the US in 2015, the damage had brought about a few problems, the statement said.

With Morgan’s destiny in this year’s World Cup doubtlessly in jeopardy, fanatics are a bit involved. The Americans next play Spain in the round of sixteen at midday ET Monday.

After all, the Olympic gold medalist striker scored a beautiful 5 dreams inside the institution level against Thailand. Without her, the United States ought to face a few trouble down the road at the World Cup.
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