Honorary law enforcement officials stopped Steven William Quintal Teixeira at about 9pm on 10 April as he raced through the 30mph quarter on Longueville Road.

Assistant Magistrate Peter Harris stated the defendant’s actions positioned individuals of the general public in ‘extreme risk’ in a ‘fantastically residential place’.

Teixeira admitted one count of risky using and one count of withholding facts from his insurance organization in relation to preceding riding infractions.

He become disqualified from riding in the course of an look in the Magistrate’s Court on Thursday and is due to be sentenced as soon as a social-inquiry file is completed. The 24-year-old is now a kitchen porter for the pizza company, as he has been banned from driving.

The length of Teixeira’s riding ban is because of be set upon sentencing. He became ordered to reappear on Thursday 18 July and changed into launched on bail.

Outlining the case, Centenier Michael Byrne said honorary officials had been undertaking a pace check inside the area once they saw the Islander driving speedy alongside the street, which has numerous pedestrian crossings.

Advocate Jane Grace, defending, stated her consumer was riding for a pizza transport commercial enterprise and it changed into his ultimate task of the night.

‘He changed into determined to get home for his lady friend and his dinner,’ she delivered.

‘He had his foot down and desired to get domestic as speedy as possible.’

Commenting on the case, Mr Harris stated: ‘You have been using appallingly rapid for that road. I don’t care whether or not you desired to get home to your tea, you are a hazard to the public in a residential region.’
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