In these days rapid-paced global, health is key to staying on top of your game. And supporting you do that for the remaining 36 years is holistic fitness and health guru Mickey Mehta. A suggest of yoga and gadget-unfastened workout routines; he has achieved widespread paintings inside the area of bodily health, mind technology, and religious growth.

That isn’t always all. Mickey is likewise credited with introducing the concept of ‘Learn Swimming in 24 hours’, which positioned him inside the Limca Book of World Records. His purchasers consist of several renowned industrialists, politicians, and Bollywood celebrities like Priyanka Chopra, Preity Zinta, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, and Aamir Khan.

As we take a look at the fifth International Yoga Day, Mickey Mehta talks about his fitness adventure, the essence of yoga, and holistic living in a distinct interview with weekender.

weekender: How and while did you begin your adventure towards fitness?

Mickey Mehta: When I become younger, I used to admire all my cousins who had earned black belts in martial arts. Whenever they practiced their movements, I might quietly stand in a nook, watch them, and emulate. Later, I made it a point to lock myself in a room and coaching. I officially began learning martial arts in 1981.

YSW: What distinguishes yoga from different sorts of fitness?

MM: Yoga isn’t only a tool to shed pounds; it’s a manner of life. According to me, it’s far the last form of well being. Yoga is an all-encompassing science that can maintain the bodily, mental, and emotional country of people. It can construct human beings’ character and psyche, and result in a feel of fulfillment. And, most importantly, yoga is the only form of fitness that rejuvenates the outer body in addition to the inner frame.

YSW: How do you observe yoga has developed over the years?
MM: The technology of yoga, which originated in India, has shown human beings to stay intelligently, sensibly, and ethically. It has spread peace and concord across the united states. Though there are one of a kind variations of yoga, the bottom line remains the same: holistic and wholesome residing. Besides, yoga has become very pervasive. The fable that it is meant for the antique and aging no longer exists. Awareness has advanced exponentially.

YSW: Can you tell us approximately the ‘Yo workouts’ cited in your e-book?
MM: Young humans today are continuously searching for innovation. Hence, I decided to provide a twist to conventional asanas and respiratory strategies.
YSW: According to you, what is an excellent yoga regime?

MM: Every minute spent working towards yoga is sure to enrich human beings’ life. I would advise approximately 10 to fifteen minutes of meditation, observed by way of pranayama and some primary but effective asanas like Surya Namaskar, Pawan Mukta Asana, Tadasana, and Naukasana. This will truely to result in a healthy frame, extend blood flow, and keep one healthful.

YSW: What might you advocate human beings who’ve never attempted yoga?
YSW: How can humans derive the excellent outcomes from yoga?

MM: If integrated with the right weight loss program and lifestyle, yoga throws up out of the ordinary results. An easy way of existence and healthful vegetarian meals should do the trick. Also, yoga wishes to be followed with the aid of deep respiration and meditation. It isn’t always enough to prepare most effective the asanas. Sleep, endeavor, and healthful conduct are an ought to.

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