Almost 90% of people with common pores and skin ailments inclusive of acne, hair fall, and so on., do now not visit a dermatologist. They attempt to self-treat it with off-the-shelf merchandise. Self-remedy is not most effective ineffective; it’s far risky too. For instance, it has led to huge-unfold use of dangerous merchandise (like topical steroid creams) that simplest harm the skin similarly in the end. Additionally, most of these situations also require life-style interventions similarly to merchandise for treatment.

CureSkin is a brand new technology-enabled startup that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) for image recognition, to stumble on numerous pores and skin situations from a photo. CureSkin provides home-brought treatment kits given and accredited through medical doctors to cure and care for those situations. These remedies may be used at domestic and are accompanied-up using the doctors thru their cellular-app — all with out charging for an upfront consultation rate. CureSkin is doing over one thousand of these consultations a day.

CureSkin consumer Vidhya (call changed) says, “I just thought of giving a strive of this app, and I changed into amazed at the consequences. It truly laboured nicely for me, and they have made it very easy despite the routine for you to be provided by them.”

Before founding CureSkin, Guna Kakulapati laboured in diverse technical and leadership roles in the US at Google and Amazon. And experienced the need for this skin-care solution first-hand while his son became identified with the excessive shape of a circumstance known as Atopic Dermatitis. After attempting out several treatment procedures and a couple of visits to one-of-a-kind dermatologists, it became clean that the modern-day version of single-consultation is not the proper technique.

Dermatology conditions require non-stop care that is final results-oriented in place of a single one-point-in-time consultation. Most situations relapse fast if appropriate care isn’t taken on a continuous basis. Additionally, most patients don’t have any clean way to get returned to their dermatologist once they start their routine. CureSkin’s treatment regimens include every day and periodic follow-with their medical doctor, customised food regimen and way of life steering and each time chat aid inside the app. All this is in-addition to the products.

Besides Kakulapati, CureSkin’s founding group includes Rama Krishna Rajanna, a long-time generation veteran with over a decade of experience at Google constructing system getting to know the generation and Charu Sharma, who has over 15 years of revel in dermatology and become previously heading the division for classy treatments at VLCC.

Says Guna Kakulapati, “The wonderful comments and testimonials from our customers bring pleasure to the entire group. We realise that this app is turning into an integral part of our customers’ lives.” CureSkin estimates its addressable client base at over one hundred million humans in India, because of developing middle-class income and propensity to spend for treating those common pores and skin situations.

CureSkin changed into a part of the celebrated YCombinator accelerator programme on the concept and prototype stage. It changed into the best agency from India to be decided on into the primary YC AI cohort. CureSkin believes it has now hit the proper product marketplace suit and discovered a scalable enterprise version. It is presently closing its present-day fund-improve spherical. For the next phase, cognizance may be on growth with the right investments in growth, branding and further automation.

Long term, CureSkin believes customer fitness may be completely distinctive from how it’s far now, due to new technology enablers like AI. Easy detection of specific situations, monitoring exchange of symptoms, non-stop monitoring of those conditions, a brief response in case of flare-u.S.Or relapse, are all feasible now.

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