An arguable change of epilepsy drug funding may want to see her and hundreds of other human beings with epilepsy lose their great of life and livelihoods, Brighton rubdown therapist Jemima Pedro-Davison fears.

Government drug-shopping for company Pharmac recently opted to change its investment from a number lamotrigine epilepsy medicines to just a single brand, Logem.

About 45,000 New Zealanders have epilepsy, and their countrywide organisation Epilepsy New Zealand is deeply concerned that tested effective drug Lamictal will not be funded.

Mrs Pedro-Davison is one of these affected patients.

She stated Lamictal had managed her seizures for many years, to the factor in which she has been capable of gain her driving force’s licence – a document which would be taken away for a year and now not renewed without clearance from a neurologist if she has been to have a seizure.
Mrs Pedro-Davison, one of an envisioned 3100 people with epilepsy within the southern area, had previously used the sole drug now funded by using Pharmac, Logem, and stated it had no longer given the same results as Lamictal.

“I have been on Logem, and it turned into now not terrific, and if I do have an enforced trade of drugs, my chances of having a seizure are quite high.

“I pressure, I have my enterprise, I function at home and at paintings … If I have a seizure because of a forced alternate of medication that is it, my existence is over.”

The key ingredient in each pill is lamotrigine. However the binding agents in every are specific, which changed the way the medicine become brought to the frame, Mrs Pedro-Davison said.

She isn’t always alone in her concerns.

Epilepsy New Zealand called for submissions on the difficulty, and respondents spoke of getting been on Lamictal for ten years or extra without problems, and their fears of what trade of drugs would possibly mean.

Complicating the difficulty is that all and sundry’s type of epilepsy is exceptional, so a few humans may be capable of alternate medicine without difficulty while others will discover some pills useless.

The emblem alternate commenced on May 1, and there is a five-month transition length.

Epilepsy New Zealand representatives met with Pharmac on Friday to speak about their issues.

Pharmac operations director Lisa Williams stated the corporation had met with ENZ before and now after the lamotrigine logo alternate selection.

“We are continuing with this variation,” she stated.

“Logan has the equal lively factor as the alternative brands and is brought to the frame in an equal manner. This manner it’s going to have an equal effect as the opposite manufacturers.

“We understand that humans might have questions about converting brands, but they have to be no longer aware of any distinction when changing to Logem.”

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