KOCHI: In the fast-paced saturated way of life we lead these days, increasingly people are beginning to replicate on deeper questions. Is there some thing extra to lifestyles? What is its reason? What is a success? There are no clean solutions and one ought to now not be content despite the fact that one unearths any. If there were an apt solution, life as we know it would be very exclusive. These questions shape a pathway that one could tread on, again and again, to move deeper within.

The historic Indian technological know-how of yoga has stood the check of time in bringing solace to humans from all walks of life. When the Art of Living started 35 years ago, yoga changed into seen handiest as a pursuit of the hippies and because then it has come to an extended manner. Today it’s being practiced through tens of millions throughout continents. Yoga has adapted itself thoroughly to the changing options of the world. This has helped yoga set up it’s regularly occurring and secular credentials, addressing human beings from all faiths and beliefs, even in nations which can be orthodox.
The healthful philosophy of yoga revolves around its eight limbs. Unfortunately, humans think that they’re eight steps, to be executed one after another. The limbs are not sequential; they’re parts of the entire. The eight limbs are just like the four legs of a chair. If one limb is pulled, the chair becomes unstable. While asana is important, yoga is not certainly what it’s miles with out pranayama and meditation. Even an initial introduction to meditation is sufficient to trade one’s existence.

We have seen this taking place in our programs conducted in prisons. As quickly because the inmates get to experience meditation, their entire concept method, and behavior pattern adjustments. They without problems drop feelings of revenge or anger and embark at the course of non-violence, wanting to contribute to society constructively. Through yoga, people have observed comfort from many ills, along with pressure, tension, professional burnout, addiction, and insomnia.

Yoga is for that reason an effective tool in the international of regular oneupmanship. So we want teachers who can gift it authentically and help shed the baggage of misconception. Yoga in its totality and purest shape contains the awareness that can address the foundation cause of all the issues of current existence.

One of the biggest troubles plaguing the population today is a strain. Stress manifests while there is an excessive amount of to do while there isn’t always sufficient time or electricity. As it is now not possible to lessen the workload, the simplest alternative we left with is to growth the power stage inside us. Yoga generates the most energy in little time. A short time of meditation can offer as tons rest as a few hours of sleep. With the rejuvenation yoga offers, one turns into dynamic in tackling conditions, is sharper and intuitive in selection-making. One is now not slowed down by using issues but is stimulated to take on larger obstacles and solve them for others. Yoga now not simply as an exercise, however a country of cognizance that transcends the plebeian. For the modern-day global, yoga is a course to recognize and harness one’s deepest potentials.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is the founding father of Art of Living Foundation. (The views expressed with the aid of the writer are his own)

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