A couple turned into alleged homicide in Dwarka, New Delhi on Saturday.

According to the police, they have been stabbed to death.

Unknown assailants murdered the couple who lived in the Mohan Garden police station region.

The couple became by myself at home while the alleged homicide occurred.

The victims have been identified as one Hari Ballabh Singh (husband) and Shanti Devi.

According to the police, the evidence accrued from the crime scene well-known shows that the alleged murderers were regarded to Haribalabh Singh.

Police stated no signal of forceful entry become detected, and the residence has now not been ransacked.

The police are investigating the matter in addition. The bodies have been sent for autopsy and CCTV pictures are being checked.

The diseased Hari Ballabh (51) and his spouse Shrimati Shanti Singh (forty-seven) hailed from Bihar. They are survived by a son (22) and a daughter (27).

The PCR acquired a name by their daughter after she came domestic within the nighttime on Saturday.

The couple changed into taken to a medical institution where the doctors declared them added useless.

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