Man Up in Ipswich was organised by way of a business within the town to “attain out to adult males who may be struggling in silence”.

It turned into attended by men who have both been for my part stricken by a mental fitness condition or seen first-hand the results of no longer speak about one.

Participant Mark Blackburn said it become “approximately time we stopped holding it in”.

“We want to prevent letting society dictate how we must be…And communicate out,” Mr Blackburn stated.

The event, at Copleston High School, was given the men to elevate their palms for a picture to mention “having mental health problems is OK”.

Organiser Dan Somers said he desired to installation the occasion after analyzing that suicide became the single biggest killer of fellows under the age of forty-five.

Patrick Davey, 27, from Ipswich, who has struggled with melancholy for a reason that age of 17, said it was a “superb initiative to get humans speaking” – but “speaking isn’t sufficient”.
‘It saves lives’

“We need the aid services to be had so if human beings sense if speaking is the primary point, then I can go get help for something condition they may be affected by,” he brought.

Adam O’Connor, who lives near Felixstowe, stated he went thru some of lifestyles stressors, together with his father’s death, which brought about depression and anxiety.

He said: “I’ve constantly been pretty open approximately it but my dad, he’d conceal it and he stored it all in.

“I’m truly pretty captivated with it and getting it accessible because it saves lives.”
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