Police worry that there may be greater victims of a rubdown therapist in Miami Beach, Florida, who is accused of sexually assaulting four special girls. They are urging any others to come forward.

Elias Marcelo Ergas, 50, is charged with two criminal counts of sexual battery and two misdemeanor counts of battery, Local 10 suggested, over numerous incidents in which he allegedly touched women’s vaginas below the guise of releasing pollution in the course of lymph node remedy.

The ladies who reported these incidents to the Miami Beach Police Department stated they passed off among April and May. One female reportedly alleged that Ergas penetrated her together with his hands all through one rubdown, at the same time as some other accused him of sexual battery. He denies the claims.

“We sense there may be extra victims obtainable who recognize this guy who possibly acquired offerings from this man and we are urging if you experience you’ve been victimized by means of this man to contact Miami Beach police immediately so we’re capable of analyzing,” Miami Beach Police spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said, NBC Miami mentioned.

In bond court, Circuit Judge Renatha Francis barred Ergas from running as a rub down therapist while the costs hold over him, CBS Miami said, a pass his attorney challenged as unfair as it disadvantaged him of his livelihood.

“When you take into account this isn’t real and I am very busy because I labored for so many years and I am very widely recognized in the marketplace and I know so many human beings and customers,” Ergas told Judge Francis at some stage in his appearance, consistent with CBS Miami.

But Judge Francis responded: “You are presumed to be harmless, however… I should defend the community and I am sufficiently involved approximately the allegations in these instances.”

The judge set bond at $15,000 and ordered Ergas to don’t have any touch with the alleged sufferer inside the intercourse battery case.

“That way no touch in any respect and stay 500 feet far from the sufferer always, and stay far from in which she works and lives and is going to school,” she informed Ergas. “And you are to be concerned in no criminal hobby and haven’t any guns and no weapons at home and haven’t any concealed guns in any respect.”

One of Ergas’s everyday customers over the past six years could not agree with the allegations made in opposition to him. The unnamed girl advised 7 News Miami: “He involves my home nearly twice a week. He massages me, my circle of relatives, my daughter, me, a few girlfriends here in Miami. Nothing has ever happened. He’s shy, even.”

If you want to make certain you get an excellent massage and now not waste your time and money, the key is to ask the proper questions.

A few questions could make the difference between sour unhappiness and massage heaven.

If you have got any desires for the treatment, lead them to recognize. Make positive that your massage therapist can accommodate your desires. If as an example, you like a less assailable rubdown and you’re making an appointment with somebody who’s traditional rub down is a mild Swedish, you could be placing yourself up for unhappiness.

The better a rub down therapist receives at a modality, the more they’ll pull it out in their bag of hints. If a therapist is right at healing techniques and deep tissue, they’ll normally let you know their massages are deeper or firmer. Somebody who typically does lighter paintings will let you know their rubdown is geared extra toward relaxation, or they may say that they do extra of a Swedish rubdown that is defined as long enjoyable (and commonly lighter) strokes.

A properly tip is to talk in your therapist approximately their rub down. You may additionally ask them~
How could you describe your traditional rubdown? Is it a more impregnable touch or a lighter rubdown?

You may think that asking any person how lengthy they have got been doing rubdown remedy is a superb degree of skills, and it can be, but now not constantly. I’ve had lots of massages from long working towards rub down therapists who are rub-down lacked talent and effort. People get burned out with all varieties of jobs. Massage therapists aren’t any distinctive. The rub is, you don’t need to come to be on their desk if you could help it.

A rubdown therapist once told me that she refused to raise any limbs anymore. She said it is too much attempt. This changed into from a woman who had been doing rub down therapy for over 10 years. Seriously? Who desires to pay anyone good cash in the event that they can not also be afflicted to lift your arm?

Talent isn’t always pretty much how long a rubdown therapist has been working towards, it’s plenty greater approximately looking to do your nice and loving what you do. I’ve had absolutely precise massages from new graduates with great attitudes.

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