Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) respectable spokesperson has slammed the United States country department’s 2018 International Religious Freedom report that alleged that a few senior leaders of the BJP made inflammatory speeches in opposition to minority groups.

The document covers authorities rules violating non-secular belief and practices of corporations, non-secular denominations and people, and US regulations to promote spiritual freedom round the world.

MEA legitimate Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said, “India is happy with its secular credentials, its popularity as the most important democracy and pluralistic society with a longstanding dedication to tolerance and inclusion. The Indian Constitution ensures essential rights to all its citizens, which include its minority groups.”

He similarly introduced that it is broadly stated that India is a vibrant democracy where the Constitution provides protection of non-secular freedom, and in which democratic governance and the rule of law further promote and guard the fundamental rights.”

“We see no locus standi for a ‘overseas entity/authorities’ to pronounce at the kingdom of our citizens’ constitutionally covered rights,” he said.

BJP media head and Rajya Sabha MP Anil Baluni also slammed the report and called it bias.

He stated the US kingdom branch’s 2018 International Religious Freedom document shows clean bias in opposition to the Narendra Modi government and the BJ.
It asserted that its leaders had strongly deplored violence in opposition to minorities and weaker sections of society.

The record, launched on June 21, alleged that some senior leaders of the BJP “made inflammatory speeches in opposition to minority communities.”
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