Denying Women Abortions Can Hurt Their Health For Years

Anti-abortion legislators across the united states of America had been passing restrictions within the name of women’s health for years. But a primary longitudinal study indicates that girls who’re denied abortions — and pass on to have an infant — have worse fitness results years later than girls who acquire an abortion. The trendy findings […]

10 European femtech startups taking desirable care of girls’s fitness problems

Women’s reproductive rights have made the information these days. Alabama’s new (close to overall) abortion ban shed mild on the reality that during 2019 get entry to to specialized scientific remedy is not customary for girls. Even worse, it confirmed that access to women’s care is a problem to political fluctuations and that even Western […]

For ladies’s sake, permit’s display screen for despair as part of the new heart health tests

The modern-day authorities information, launched ultimate week, show that from 2001-2016, the price of cardiac occasions (coronary heart attacks or unstable angina) fell via greater than 1/2 among Australian girls. That’s large because of greater schooling approximately hazard factors for heart disease (smoking costs keep to fall) and clinical advances in prevention and remedy. One […]

Garment Factories Endanger Women’s Health; Sex Workers Protest

Garment factories endangering ladies employees’ fitness to hold productivity A Thomson Reuters Foundation investigative record has exposed garment factories’ practice of imparting ache killers to women people who’re menstruating. These pills, ostensibly given to alleviate menstrual pain, are administered by using non-medical staff without any prescription from docs. There is also little care about dosage. […]

Want to beat back the apocalypse? Invest in girls’s health and rights

World populace maintains to develop. The latest UN projections, launched this week, imply that we are able to add some other 2 billion humans to the planet by 2050 and three billion by the cease of the century. While populace boom is ebbing in many nations—or even starting to settlement in a few—populace increase in […]