Chemicals in skin care products harmful for children: Study

Personal care merchandise like shampoo, lotion, nail polish and cologne might also ship one baby to the hospital every hour because of poisoning and chemical burns, in step with a US study published on Monday. Researchers on the Nationwide Children’s Hospital observed that 64,686 children younger than five years of age were handled in US […]

Even Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s Shared Skin-Care Routine Is Chill

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have pretty a great deal cemented their popularity as a low-key movie star couple. They couldn’t be extra candid about their dating — and their issues. They understand a way to poke amusing at each different, tons to the delight of all in their fanatics. And, seemingly, their sit back […]

Thirteen Expert-Approved Ways to Work Glycolic Acid Into Your Skin-Care Routine

As a long way as skin desires move, most people want to glow. And there’s nearly no surer path to radiant, perfectly glow-y skin than adding a chemical exfoliant on your pores and skin-care habitual. Enter glycolic acid, one of the most popular, effective and dermatologist-accepted alternatives available. Falling below the broader umbrella of alpha-hydroxy […]

What the Heck Is Squalane Oil and Why Is It Suddenly in All My Skin-Care Products?

Maybe I’ve been lacking out. However it feels like I simply awakened someday and unexpectedly the whole lot had squalane oil in it. Products containing squalane regularly tout advantages related to moisturizing the pores and skin, dealing with stubborn pimples, and occasionally even antioxidant homes. So, what the heck is squalane oil and need to […]

How Much Does the Order of Your Skin-Care Routine Actually Matter?

The best steps you’re assured to discover in given pores and skin-care habitual are cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen—but what in case your ordinary has two or 3 or five extra steps to it? It makes sense that there might be a few sorts of order to layering special serums, lotions, toners, and essences. However, all […]

Black pores and skin care: The top five hints

Everyone’s pores and skin is extraordinary and may advantage from a tailor-made care routine. Black skin carries extra melanin than lighter skin. Melanin-generating cells can be more prone to the results of irritation and harm, which can be more sizeable in darkish skin than in light pores and skin. Different skin care exercises benefit extraordinary […]

Lara Dutta Bhupathi: ‘I have a disciplined skin care ordinary’

“Skincare is fundamental to girls’s daily ordinary,” says Lara Dutta Bhupathi. “They shouldn’t ought to compromise on what they use or the difference they see simply due to the price.” In the age of the multi-step splendor regimens, skin care is extra than habitual for the actor and previous Miss Universe, who spent the final […]

an AI-primarily based app to resolve your skin care problems

Sounds some distance-fetched. However it’s genuine! Meet Bengaluru-based startup CureSkin, based in 2017 using Guna Kakulapati (38) and Ramakrishna R (36). The corporation has constructed an app that makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) that will help your treatment your skin troubles. The CureSkin app is to be had on both Android and iOS. Once […]

CureSkin: The AI-primarily based skincare app that allows over

Almost 90% of people with common pores and skin ailments inclusive of acne, hair fall, and so on., do now not visit a dermatologist. They attempt to self-treat it with off-the-shelf merchandise. Self-remedy is not most effective ineffective; it’s far risky too. For instance, it has led to huge-unfold use of dangerous merchandise (like topical […]

Skin care for summer: Rejuvenate you radiance with the right nutrition

Our pores and skin is a critical constituent of our frame. It is a reflection that displays our overall health. A shallow, dull skin is the first indicator of underlying fitness problems that we might be stricken by. It pointers at our inner physiological disorders even before any other signs and symptoms show up. Hence, […]