Home remedies – honey, turmeric and others to deal with a summer season cold or flu

New Delhi: The summer season is at it’s top proper now, mainly in North India, with temperatures attaining as excessive as 46 tiers inside the capital, and 50 tiers in components of states like Rajasthan. A heatwave alert changed into issued to many parts of the us of a, following which temperatures have not dropped […]

Struggling with hair fall? Check out those effective home treatments to manipulate hair fall

It is thought that hairs are the maximum vast feature that plays a prime role in defining one’s splendor. Hairs also are the primary element that attracts one’s interest in the direction of you. No count number whether you are a boy or woman all people desires of beautiful hair. At present from teens to […]

Having a Bad Hangover? Five Home Remedies to Cure it

Weekend events regularly lead us to drink at bars, ensuing in getting sloshed. While ingesting in allowed potential is acceptable, immoderate drinking not handiest disturbs your liver ultimately however also leaves you with an awful hangover. If you are facing dehydration, fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches on the next day of drinking, you’re possibly having […]

Heatstroke: 5 exquisite-effective domestic remedies to treat heat stroke

The scorching summer time solar is right here once more, and this time around, it’s far as unforgiving as it can get. This sweltering warmness no longer simplest makes it uncomfortable to head about the daily habitual however stepping outdoor becomes next to impossible as nicely. As a great deal as we wish to stay […]

These simple natural remedies can come up with remedy from tension!

Anxiety is a regular emotion and we all have experienced it at a sure point of time in our life. Uneasiness, coronary heart-pounding, and breathlessness earlier than a check or an interview is quite not unusual. Experiencing occasional anxiety is a regular part of lifestyles, but some humans feel it more than others. People suffering […]

Five home treatments to reduce belly bloating – Ginger, fennel seeds and others

New Delhi: Bloating is a commonplace problem for humans of every age – children or adults face. Bloating is brought about because of gasoline or air trapped within the body, that can occur due to various causes. People have a tendency to feel full, tight, or swollen inside the stomach while they are bloated. The […]

Tese five easy domestic treatments will help you eliminate it wonderful rapid!

We all understand how painful it’s far to awaken with a stiff neck. The intense pain makes it almost not possible to transport the top even the slightest bit. To spend a day with neck pain is in reality annoying and it makes even the best undertaking seem formidable. Neck pain, at instances, can also […]

Five home remedies to lessen and soothe backaches

New Delhi: “I am a twenty-something with a backache like a sixty-something.” is a relatable meme that goes round social media and at the same time as every twenty-something reveals it fun before everything, the truth that they can relate to it concerns them. Backaches are becoming more and more not unusual amongst humans, and […]